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In Trouble With The Military?

Former JAGs, aggressive military attorney firm, helping the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard worldwide. Call our military law firm at 1-877-TOP-JAGS and speak directly to a military lawyer today.

All of our military attorneys served for years in the JAG Corps and became top-rated military attorneys in the Air Force. We established this firm as civilian military attorneys and have put our extensive JAG trial experience to work helping soldiers of all US military branches: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. While we are former Air Force military attorneys and have done countless Air Force cases during and after our active duty years, the majority of our military attorney practice as civilians has involved representation of members of the Marines, Navy, and Army. We are familiar with the intricacies of your particular branch of service, and in addition to our advanced trial skills, we can put our experience with the particular character of your service to work for you.

As civilian military attorneys, we can represent members at all U.S. military installations worldwide and have represented clients all across the United States and overseas, including Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We have represented US military members at dozens of installations. The list is too long to publish here, but for example:

  • Marines at Camp Pendleton, Camp Lejeune, Pensacola Florida, Okinawa
  • Soldiers at Fort Lewis, Fort Campbell, Fort Stewart, Fort Drum
  • Sailors at Pensacola, San Diego, Connecticut, Norfolk
  • Airmen at McGuire, Osan, Anchorage Alaska, Cheyenne

Wherever a military member needs us, we’ll go. See some of our success stories as military attorneys on our Representative Cases.

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Why You Need a Civilian Military Attorney

When the US military is against you, you’re in deep trouble. See our court martial page for more details on what a court martial is and what disadvantages the defendant faces if he doesn’t have a good military attorney by his side. In a court martial, the command, the investigators, co-workers – everyone assumes the defendant is guilty. The prosecution has unlimited resources, but when it comes to funding, appointed (free) military attorneys are a very low priority. The prosecution has an entire staff of investigators and military police, but the defense has none. The prosecution has numerous attorneys to handle a heavy case load, but the appointed defense attorney office typically has only one or two, and the appointed military attorney is required to perform the same military, non-law duties as every other officer. The prosecution office is led by JAGs who have many years of legal experience, but it’s common for a military defendant to be appointed an attorney who has never done a contested trial. Investigators have been trained in interrogation techniques and the psychology of interrogations, and they know how to take advantage of people who have never been in trouble, have no experience with the legal system, and don’t understand their rights. As you can see, when the US military is against you, you’re in deep trouble. You need the help of an experienced, aggressive, independent military attorney.

Why we should be your Military Lawyer of choice

All of our military attorneys are former JAGs, and we have helped thousands of military members of all ranks, from members in basic training to high-ranked officers. Whether your case is desertion or drugs, mouthing off or murder, we have the skills and track record to help you. From the moment you hire us, we fight to put a wall around you. We make sure you understand your rights and that the military respects your rights. We never sell our clients out. The prosecution, the command, and the investigators count on you to make their lives easier by confessing and pleading guilty. You should never talk about your case, especially not to an investigator or anyone in your command, even if you are innocent. And you should never accept a deal before talking to an aggressive, experienced military attorney – someone who isn’t afraid to fight for you.

By fighting for our clients we have protected wrongly accused service members – and saved our clients millions of dollars in benefits and pay. We have helped countless military members get justice by ensuring they got treated fairly, even after the military had cast them aside. As military attorneys we have won numerous acquittals and saved our clients from long prison sentences. In the very rare case when pleading guilty is the right way to go, we have had an outstanding record winning low sentences for our clients. Whatever your case requires, our military attorneys can help.

You need attorneys who know the military but no longer belong to it

If you’re facing charges, you need a military lawyer who knows the armed forces legal system and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) inside and out. But you need more. You also need an independent counsel who’s not tied to the military.

As top-rated military defense attorneys in the Air Force, our lawyers successfully represented hundreds of cases in the military. Today, as civilian military attorneys, we have the freedom to be your totally independent advocate. We know from our JAG experience that there is a tremendous amount of political pressure on appointed attorneys, and though they do their best to represent their clients, it’s unrealistic to expect them to ignore the consequences for their career if they fight the command too aggressively. We have the freedom to fight as hard as we can for our clients, without any fear of consequences to our careers. While the military has many skilled and hard-working defense attorneys, their experience is often limited, and their resources are always limited when compared to the tools and manpower that the government has at its disposal. Our military attorneys can help level the playing field.

Our experience makes all the difference

In addition to our experience doing real contested trials, our military attorneys have received rigorous and sophisticated training in trial techniques. We have been through numerous trial advocacy courses and have received focused training in cross-examination, which is often where a case is won or lost. We have experience and training in police procedures and forensics, including toxicology, computers, DNA, blood splatter, pathology, polygraphs, fingerprints, psychology, and neuropsychology. This means that we aren’t afraid of the military investigators. It also means that if you need to hire an expert for your case, we won’t waste your time and money learning the expert’s field from scratch. We also have a network of experts we can draw from to help you with your case.

More importantly, we know how to cross-examine experts hired to testify against you. We have been trained extensively in cross-examination techniques and all aspects of court martial trial work. We have worked closely with and against military investigators, and we know exactly how they think and how they work. We know how to cross-examine them and how to find information they may be hiding.

We get results

At Gagne, Scherer and Associates, our military attorneys get results. We’re:

  • Experienced. If you are faced with military court-martial, military discharge or non judicial punishment (Article 15), you need legal representation by attorneys who understand the military, inside and out
  • Aggressive. You need to work with military attorneys with a proven success record who will defend your rights and push your case.
  • Thorough. We interview every witness, find every key document, and file every challenge and appeal to support your case.
  • Dedicated. We’ll work hard to give you the best possible outcome. We’ll also keep your family informed at every stage, providing them with information that they can’t get through the military.
  • Your independent advocate. As civilian attorneys, we are a completely independent advocate, working for you.
  • Proven. By standing up for our clients’ rights, we have saved them millions of dollars in benefits and pay. We have helped them avoid prosecution, conviction, jail, and punitive discharges.

Our experience

At Gagne, Scherer and Associates, we have an outstanding record in:

  • Winning high-profile cases, including rape in the military, child pornography, military adultery, desertion, AWOL, military separation, homosexual discharge, and false-positive drug cases
  • Gaining acquittals of nonjudicial punishment (Article 15) actions
  • Getting our desertion clients through the system quickly and safely
  • Challenging police misconduct
  • Challenging confessions and interrogations
  • Spotting false or coerced confessions
  • Challenging faulty witness memory and identifications
  • Using and cross-examining expert testimony
  • Challenging the government’s failure to honor our clients’ right to a speedy trial
  • Getting our clients’ punishment reduced in clemency
  • Getting our clients additional credit for time served
  • And most importantly, protecting our clients’ rights

When you're looking for a civilian military attorney,
we recommend that you ask the following questions:

-Have your attorneys all served as JAGs in the military? If not, will any of the attorneys who do not have military experience be handling my case?

-Have all of the attorneys who will be handling my case actually litigated a contested Court-Martial before a military panel, or "jury"?

-Will my file be referred to another firm or attorney who does not have military JAG experience?

-Will I be represented by the military attorney or attorneys that were the "featured" attorney(s) on your website?

Call us toll-free at 1-877-867-5247 and speak to a military lawyer, or e-mail us by clicking here.